Gambling License Malta

Gambling License Malta: Classes of Remote Gaming Licences

Gambling License Malta: Classes of Remote Gaming Licences

Remote Gaming Regulations are based on a simple principle: Any concept using a means of electronic communication in which, one or more players pay to participate to win a prize, is licensable. The Remote Gaming Regulations categorises these concepts under four different types of Classes of Licenses

Class 1 Remote Gaming Licence – applies for operators who offer games which are based on repetitive events and the gaming risk is managed by the operator. This type of license covers casino table style games, lotteries and slots. Since the licensee bears the full risk of the gaming activities conducted, the winnings are therefore guaranteed by it.

Class 1 on 4 Remote Gaming License – shall be an online gaming license for all types of games of chance and games of skill operating on an existing Class 4 licensee.

Class 2 Remote Gaming Licence – the license covers operators who manage risk based on a singular event using markets. This license covers the traditional fixed odds betting and some forms of pool betting.

Class 3 Remote Gaming Licence – this license is for operators who organise player to player games but they do not partake in the risk and receive only a commission. This license is suitable for betting exchange providers, pools and poker rooms.

Class 3 on 4 Remote Gaming Licence – shall be a licence to promote and abet gaming from Malta. For operators who promote or abet gaming from Malta on an existing Class 4 licensee.

Class 4 Remote Gaming Licence – this license is for software vendors who intend to host and manage remote gaming operators having any class of the above. They cannot partake in the gaming risk and can only receive a commission.

Once an application is submitted and the LGA find the application to be in order, a Malta Company is incorporated and a temporary gaming license is issued in the name of the Malta Company. This process should take 6 to 8 weeks. At this stage, applicant may commence their operations and would then have 6 months to obtain a certification of compliance, to then be issued with the official gaming license. Learn more about remote gaming in Malta: 

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